Chanel Kisses

rough allure liquid powder colors spring-summer 2019 ulivia kartika beauty fashion illustration

chanel rough allure liquid powder colors spring-summer 2019


Beach Girl

Beach girl ulivia kartika fashion illustration drawing artwork

One thing that I love about beach is I can walking bared foot and getting sand between my toes.. It feels nice..

So, Mention me.. What did you like about beach?

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Ulivia Kartika Fashion illustration sketch artwork

Dear Santa..
I’ve been a good fashion illustrator this year..
And would be love to be rewarded:

1. Chanel no.5 (red bottle)
2. Dior blue oblique saddle bag
3. Copic 359 color set
4. Or just leave your credit card under the tree.. I’ll make everything done for you..

Ulivia Kartika

Gold diamond

Gold diamond ulivia kartika fashion illustration sketch art

Have you ever feel like you’re feeling down on life? me too.. and I think everybody too.. When it comes to me I always remember, if beautiful things will be happen when God says “its time!” all we need just waiting and taking steps with intention.. every beautiful things takes time.. This is what I believe.. Even gold need very long time to be created.. Keep walking trough.. built your life, make it gold..